Max Kit - electric Longboard skateboard with remote controll

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Now you can EASILY convert your favorite board into an E-board!  Put it on a body board! Put it on a snow board! The options are endless! Pock one up today and turn just about anything you can think of into an E-Board

With this Max Kit E-Board conversion kit:

  • Super simple to convert your favorite board!
  • Change the board you love into an electric one
  • DIY something interesting and test it out
  • Just install it anywhere you like

**Max Kit does not include a deck.**

  • Single 600W brushless motor and premium samsung lithium ion battery pack (36V) allows skateboard to go up to max speed 28 MPH and max range 10 miles for a single charge.Don’t get stuck with the other guys’ cheap, flimsy double-sided tape.
  • Remote control back and forward with 2 riding modes makes it safe and easy to ride even with zero experience
  •  Size 83mm Hardness 85A polyurethane wheels ensure strong grip ability and durability, also provide us more safety and comfortable